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8 June 17:30Netlight HQ

We'll kick off the evening with some dinner and highlight one of our idols within IT: Tuva Palm will tell us all about how she worked herself to a really inspiring career, where she's currently the CTO and CPO of Nordnet.

After that we will bring out our computers and learn how to investigate the problems on your own, with the help of some great Netlight consultants. No guessing. No trial-and-error.

Together, we fix a buggy program by running it line by line, looking at the flow of the code and watching variables change. We will also talk about strategies for fixing bugs, poke around in crash dumps and read error messages.

The workshop will be held in Python, but the techniques are applicable to almost any language. Python experience is needed, but whether you've written a toy program or a master's thesis in Python, you can enjoy this workshop.

It will be an inspiring, fun and interesting evening. Hope to see you there!

All you need to know

So when and where is it? Thursday June 8th! The evening will start off at 5.30 PM at the Netlight office in Stockholm, Birger Jarlsgatan 7.  

What should I bring? Bring your computer (python, preferably 2.7, will be our language of the night besides english) and a curious mind!

What does it cost? Absolutely nothing! And of course, dinner and drinks will be provided to you.

Waiting list

Inspirational Speaker

Tuva Palm
CTO and CPO of Nordnet

Tuva studied Computer Science at KTH in the 90's and her career since then is truly inspiring. We will get to hear more about her experiences from school, working in tech and managing Nordnet.

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Johanna Lundberg
Marit Aldén
Nina Ranggård